Higher Earth specializes in making beautifully shot short narrative films. From simple 30 second commercials to highly produced 30-minute adventure documentaries. We start by creating a concept, script, detailed shot list, and timeframe. Videos are shot with a professional 3-axis gimbal and can include multiple drone shots, green screen, studio voice-overs, B-roll footage, sound mixing, titles, and editing (see post-production).

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If you run a business or have an online presence, then you know how important it is to have professional quality photos. We are here to create visuals that will tell your story and help you grow in whatever you are pursuing. Naturally lit lifestyle product shots, adventure photography, and highly conceptualized studio portraits are just the beginning of what we can do. Product styling and retouching included.

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We edit our films using the industry standard Adobe Premiere Pro. For our films, we strive to create buttery smooth transitions that line up perfectly with the soundtrack and VO, breathtaking speed-ramped drone shots and saturated, color balanced frames that jump off the screen. For still photography, the sky is the limit! Unless you don't want sky and then we can edit that out and put whatever you'd like in its place. Either way, each shot will be magazine advertisement quality.



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